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Life’s precious belongings safe.


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Peace of mind

The best security
and insurance

Advanced security technology

Biometric readers
Ballistic glazing
CCTV cameras
Certified vault doors
Intrusion detectors
Safe management

Global security network

A legacy of unparalleled security – IBV protects your priceless possessions with world class security features to ensure peace of mind.

Unique insurance exclusive to IBV

By providing the most comprehensive insurance options available in London, IBV International Vaults ensures your tranquility is safeguarded around the clock.

Built for you

Complimentary £100,000
insurance cover

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Discrete, exclusive & secure

IBV International Vaults London, nestled on the prestigious 46 Park Lane in Mayfair. Embracing the historic heritage of the esteemed Grade II listed Stanhope House, formerly housing the renowned Barclays Private Bank. Meticulously transformed with utmost attention to detail, this distinguished space harmoniously merges timeless elegance with cutting-edge, fortified technology, ensuring unrivalled protection for our esteemed global clientele. Experience the epitome of luxury and security within our lavishly appointed surroundings.

Exclusive, safe and easy

A refined experience with IBV International Vaults

IBV London boasts bespoke storage options ranging from exquisite secure vaults for safeguarding your precious gold to private chambers for those with a wealth of treasures. Additionally, our esteemed establishment features a magnificent boutique, showcasing a curated collection of gold bullion and exquisite diamonds, granting our clients unparalleled access to acquire the finest precious metals from certified Mints across the globe.

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Lock and key

A message from Sean Hoey

Managing Director’s

At IBV Vaults London, we understand the importance of securing your valuable possessions. Located at 46 Park Lane, Mayfair in the prestigious Grade II listed Stanhope House in London, we are on a mission to redefine your safekeeping experience. We welcome you to experience our impregnable security and unmatchable customer service that will guarantee peace of mind.

Seamless, anytime

Contactless access

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State-of-the-art Security

Including sophisticated biometric fingerprint and iris scanners.

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Private Vault Storage

Offering a range of vault sizes, thoughtfully designed to accommodate the unique requirements of each individual client.


Gold Privé

A haven for astute investors, providing
a meticulously tailored experience for those seeking to safeguard and grow their gold portfolio.

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It will definitely cost more, and that is a core part of the sales pitch. “We are the most expensive safety deposit box in London; actually, in the world,” Hoey says. “But you know the saying, ‘You get what you pay for,’ and the customers here will be king.”

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Enjoy the benefits

The finest things in life

Bespoke events

Exclusive VIP invites to bespoke events from, Watch restoring, wine tasting and designer shopping experiences

Private room hire

Take advantage of our safe, secure and private room for meetings that require that extra piece of mind.

Chauffeur driven Rolls Royce

Need collecting safely and in comfort to collect or deposit your valuables or to make a gold purchase. Exclusive access to our personal driving service.

How to apply

Become an exclusive member

All of our members are checked to ensure we maintain the highest standard of client base, so
that each member can be reassured that their deposits are safe.


Identity check

We ask you to bring your photo ID (passport or driving licence) and proof of address (utility bill or bank statement dated within 3 months).


Choose size of safe required

An open session where you are free to browse, explore and discuss your options within our vault. Decide what size safe is going to work for you or your family.



A short, none evasive process where we will take your biometric patterns both iris and fingerprint.


Sign contract

In your own time and at your discretion we ask you to read and then sign our contract of business.


Make payment

Simple, fast and easy card payment.


Welcome pack

Once completed, we hand you a welcome pack, which includes the key to your safe(s). You can store immediately at this point.

Built for you

IBV Gold, a world of
certified precious metals

Global bullion merchant

IBV Gold has established itself as a prominent and trusted brand, specialising in the competitive trading of certified precious metals. As a leader in the industry, IBV Gold prides itself on offering highly competitive pricing for our certified precious metals. With trading offices in London, Dubai, Switzerland and South Africa delivering exceptional value to our clients.


The world’s first 1oz
gold bullion coin

Recognised and trusted around the world, the Britannia bullion coin is sought after by investors and institutions alike. The iconic design has evolved over time, and now includes four advanced security features, making it the most visually secure bullion coin in the world. It is also exempt from Capital Gains Tax for UK residents due to their status as legal British currency.

IBV Britannia Coin

Masterfully crafted expertise

Private and exclusive
retail experience

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Invest in Gold & Silver Bullion

As one of the world’s leading gold and precious metal dealers we understand the importance of quality convenience and wealth security.

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Bullion Vault Storage

Store your gold in one of our state-of-the-art vault facilities.

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Sell your gold bullion to us

Offering competitive prices and ensuring a seamless and secure transaction process.

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