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IBV Children’s VIP Day 2016

Date : Saturday, 13th August 2016
Time : 9am – 5pm
Venue : Durban Exhibition Centre

The seventh annual Children’s VIP Day hosted by the International Bank Vaults at the Durban Exhibition Centre in Saturday 13 August.

The special day invites over 3,000 less privileged children from Durban and surrounds to the DEC where they will be treated to a day of interactive fun, treats, games and pampering in the company of sports stars and entertainment celebrities as part of IBV, through their IBV Humanities Division.

On the day, roles are reversed as a number of Durban’s top businessman and woman trade in their high executive desk jobs for a day of giving back to a number of less fortunate children from a variety of homes and organisations. Lawyers can be seen with sleeves rolled up, twirling candy floss, or Hip Hop artists getting in touch with their creative side and drawing fantasy creatures with toddlers.

“Since its inception, the essential purpose of this day has been to make a large number of underprivileged children VIP’s for a day whilst business leaders play as reversal of roles as their executive helpers,” said IBV CEO Ashok Sewnarain.

IBV has forged partnerships with corporate, civic organisations, service providers, small businesses and individuals who have come on board to lend their weight to this innovative event to add value to the Children’s VIP Day, with the intention of forming lasting partnerships with children’s organisations and homes.

The concept of the Children’s VIP Day is that no cash changes hands, businesses get involved offering time or products to make the day a success for the children. Partners can get involved and support with items to giveaway on the day in the form of tog bags; clothing; maths sets; calculators; stationery; books; toiletries; sweets, food and beverages; transport, entertainment or even activities and games.

“We are encouraging businesses of all sizes to get involved, donate! If it is stock or even your time, there are 3,000 children that will truly appreciate it! Anything will be greatly appreciated! A little will sincerely go a long way!” Sewnarain enthused.

Continuing, Sewnarain stated, “We are setting up educational book, stationery and toy drop off stations so members of the public can donate their learning materials, books etc. The two venues will be IBV International Vaults at Gateway and at the Pavilion Hotel near North Beach.”

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To get involved, contact Shivani Gosai on:

031 566 3984

The IBV Children’s VIP Day takes place at the Durban Exhibition Centre in August

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